Sunday, July 25, 2010

Grandpa's House

There is a small town called Lyons just this side of Alston. In Lyons, on Highway 280, there is a big white house known to most natives of the area as the Garbutt House. When I tell you "big," it's almost of mansion proportions to us.

The reason I tell you that it's known as such to MOST natives is because it's known as something totally different to the family of Ed Crabb.

The first time Ed brought Angela home to meet his family (while they were courting) and they drove into Lyons, he pointed at the Garbutt House and said, "That's Grandpa's house." Now, if somebody pointed it out to me as "Grandpa's House" I'd think, "Wow. Never dreamed I'd get tied up with money..."

Ed drove up in the driveway and got out the car. He walked up the front steps and knocked on the front door. No one answered, and the duo continued their journey to Alston.

In the meantime, Angela's imagination is running wild. "If this is his grandpa's house, oh my!" She expected to see maids and lots of fine things at Ed's parents' home.

Instead, she found an old farm house with a chicken coop in the back and a dog lying on the front porch. Talk about a major let-down!

But the story continues...


  1. He also told her that his mother had a kennel of some kind of small dogs. I cannot remember the breed. When they got there, Ma Crabb had one dog.

  2. Yep. I knew there was something about a dog, but I couldn't remember what it was... Thanks!