Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Airplane Crashes

Recently my family and I were discussing crazy things that may or may not have happened. That's when the two airplane crashes came up. Not very many people can say their grandfathers survived not one, but two airplane crashes. Well, I can.

I was told that while he was in the Navy my Doodle was being transported from one spot to another. I'm not sure where, and I'm not sure that it's relevant anyway. Anyhow, it is said that Doodle and one of his buddies were passed out, drunk, in the back of the plane. I don't know if the weather conditions were poor or the pilot was tired. I really don't know any details beyond there were some drunk sailors in the back of the plane. And all of a sudden... the plane crashed. Survivors? Yes. But only the two drunks in the back. One of them being my grandfather. I guess it's debatable as to whether or not liquor can save lives... Without a doubt those two lives were saved by the grace of God. And I'm certainly glad! Had Doodle not lived I wouldn't be blogging about him now!!

To me the other plane crash experience is much more comical. My Granny verified this one. When they were living in South Carolina (they being Doodle, Granny, and my mama) this fellow owed Doodle some money. Sadly the poor fellow didn't have the cash he needed. He DID, however, own an airplane. In order to call it even Doodle swapped whatever good he had (you know, the thing the for which the fellow owed him money) for the airplane. Now, the man I call my grandfather has had just as many flying lessons as I have... which is none. But did that stop him from becoming a pilot to his brand-new-to-him airplane? Why, no, it did not. Captain Crabb got in the cockpit and managed to get the plane off the ground. But then it came time to land it. And Orangeburg ('cause they didn't live in Houston), they had a problem. Poor guy, he had to crash his new toy in order to prevent being a perpetual bird. I'm sorry for the loss of the plane, but I'm grateful for the safety of those in it... and those on the ground. But most of all, I'm thankful for the flavor it adds to my family history!!!

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