Friday, July 23, 2010

A Sour Taste...

While they were dating, Edsel (who had by this time become "Ed" to those NOT from home) was visiting Angela's home. He requested that she get him a glass of vinegar to drink. Now, we all know that the vernacular in varies parts of the country differ, but how different could it be between neighboring states? Well, just keep reading. Angela brought Ed back a glass of vinegar. He took a good, long swig of it and realized that his definition of vinegar and Angela's definition of vinegar were insanely different! It's an odd request, a glass of vinegar. What Ed REALLY wanted was pickle juice. That's what he grew up calling it. I believe from that point forward he differentiated between pickle vinegar (which is still disgusting, in my opinion) and white, malt, or apple vinegar.

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